This is a short ‘How-To’ on how to import the Top-Hat-Sec VMs hosted on VulnHub into VMware. I am aware that other people had many issues importing it, as did I. Therefore, I thought I would write up this ‘How-To’ as a guide for others and a reference for myself.

Firstly, import the VM into virtual box using file -> import appliance: Import 1

Then select the .ova file downloaded from VulnHub and import it: Import 2

Once the import is complete locate the virtual hard drive file. Usually found at $HOME\Virualbox VMs\<VM NAME>\<VM NAME>.vmdk Now, copy it into a new folder in your VMware machines folder. This is normally found in $HOME\Documents\Virtual Machines\<VM NAME>

Next load up VMware and create a new virtual machine (I use custom but I believe using Typical would be fine):

New VM

Name the VM the same name as the VMware folder you created. You will get an error message like so:


This is fine just hit continue.

Then select I will install the operating system later: os later

Next when prompted to create a virtual disk select Use an existing virtual disk. Select the disk from your VMware folder on the next page: existing disk

After selecting the disk you may be asked to convert the virtual disk to a newer format. I chose to update the disk but it shouldn’t matter if you choose not to. convert

Click next as required, then finish to complete the wizard. The VM is now successfully imported into VMware.

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